Get a massage anytime and anywhere with this wearable vibration machine squib


Thanks to Jane Fonda, "no pain, no gain" has become the perpetual mantra of many a fitness buff. And she's not wrong! As you work hard on your rock-solid abs and biceps, you also get stiff muscles, sore legs, and a spine that feels like a corkscrew. That's lactic acid working for ya!

While you could always throw money at Groupon to score deals on spa massages, we have another solution in mind.

For your neck, back, and anything that needs a crack, the MYOVOLT Multi-Fit Massager Kit was designed to warm up, loosen, and relax sore or rigid muscles. It's a wearable vibration massage garment that you can use before and/or after each sweat session or any other time you feel tense. Read more...

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