Cat Person Will Ship You Everything You Need to Be a Perfect Cat Parent — Feline Not Included squib

The pet that adores boxes finally has a delivery service that is just for them.

Cat Person is a recently launched brand dedicated to providing cat moms and dads with everything they need to keep their felines happy, healthy and entertained.

“First and foremost, we are cat people and we love cats. But it became obvious to us that cats and their people have been largely neglected. When we walked into pet stores, it almost felt like we walked into a dog store. The cat section was tucked away in the back and the selection wasn’t great or designed specifically for cats,” Jimmy Wu the co-founder of CEO of Cat Person, and the proud parent to Pebbles the cat, told PEOPLE about what inspired he and co-founder Lambert Wang to start the brand.

Wu found he was so desperate for cat products he would buy items made for small dogs to give to Pebbles and Wang would cook meals for his foster kitties, since he couldn’t find the right cat food.

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To solve both of their problems, the pair started Cat Person. Leading up to the launch Wu and Wang talked to all different kinds of cat people to assess their wants and needs, and researched cat foods to come up with Cat Person’s own line full of healthy, high-quality ingredients.

“Cat Person’s food options are healthy and flavorful with simple, clean ingredients that meet a cat’s carnivorous requirements,” Wu said. “We package our food thoughtfully to ensure freshness, make it easy to understand what’s inside, and have a variety of flavors to keep things interesting.”

For non-food offerings, Wu and Wang focused on items that are “fully functional for your cat, as well as meeting that design aesthetic for the modern cat parent.”

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“For example, cat bowls currently on the market tend to be too deep, but cats need one that’s more shallow to avoid whiskey fatigue. We’ve designed one that’s more shallow and elevated in height so cats can finally eat in the right posture,” Wu added. “Plus, they come in modern colors so cat parents can feel good about having it in their home.’

The final result after all that research is a brand that puts “cat people at the forefront” and proves that the modern-day “cat person” isn’t the crazy cat lady that many may envision.

Currently, Cat Person offers non-food products, like toys, beds, and bowls, that you can order on their website and have shipped right to your door in a box you and your cat are sure to love.

For cat food, pet parents can choose to order individual products, try a sampler box of Cat Person’s food offerings, or sign up for a feline meal plan, which includes a customizable amount of dry and wet food that is shipped every four weeks.

Time to grab your feline, head to Cat Person’s website and start browsing.

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