Adele's classic Glastonbury 2016 set – follow it live! squib

With Glastonbury off this year, join us to watch the screening Adele’s Pyramid stage triumph on BBC Two

Profanity warning! The swearing is one of the best bits of this Adele set, amid a lot of best bits.

Bit of Bruce here on BBC Two to get us warmed up. I spoke to Emily Eavis about this set a couple of weeks back, for my feature on the 50 greatest Glastonbury moments ever – she picked getting Springsteen and Neil Young in the same year as one of her high points.

Springsteen opened with Coma Girl which is a song Joe Strummer wrote about Glastonbury. I loved that connection with Joe Strummer that he had, and that probably helped him understand what it was about. We spend a lot of time explaining what Glastonbury is to people; he also had a few of his team who were really up for it. Playing that song, it personalised it, it made it different to a stadium show and made people feel like he really understood it. It was just an incredible gig: the power of Bruce when he goes for it is like nothing else. We were all blown away.

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