Texans Encounter Chaotic Scenes at Houston Coronavirus Testing Site squib

Houston area residents encountered a chaotic scene on June 26 as they attempted to receive tests for the coronavirus, as cases skyrocket state-wide.This footage was taken outside a SignatureCare Emergency Center located northwest of the city’s downtown area, by a Taryn Alessio. Alessio, who said she had been experiencing “severe” symptoms for about a week, told Storyful that she arrived at the located around 5 am in order to get a wristband, then waited in the vicinity of the medical facility for over 12 hours.Instructions from staff later in the day led to a long line with little social distancing, Alessio said. The situation was captured on camera by a local journalist who drove by the SignatureCare facility.Ultimately, Alessio left and was tested at a separate location.The number of positive coronavirus cases in Texas and several other states have risen considerably in June. As of June 27, Texas had recorded at least 143,000 cases, according to a state database.The recent spike led Texas Governor Greg Abbott to walk back reopening measures the state had instituted. Credit: Taryn Alessio via Storyful
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