Tucker Can’t Seem to Find QAnon: ‘It’s Not Even a Website!’ squib

Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested on Tuesday night that there was no evidence the QAnon conspiracy theory exists, claiming his team spent “all day trying to locate” it, learned it isn’t “even a website,” and “could not find it.”

QAnon, for those still unaware, is an unhinged and dangerous cult that believes there is a satanic cabal of powerful pedophiliac Democrats and liberals feeding off the lifeblood of young children—and that former President Donald Trump is on a secret mission to take them down.

In the wake of the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which featured a number of QAnon adherents who felt duty-bound to keep Trump in power, Carlson has repeatedly referenced the conspiracy on his program. While most of the time he’s mentioned QAnon to mock mainstream news’ coverage of it, insisting any concern over the cult-like behavior of its followers is overblown, he’s also rallied to the defense of QAnon supporters.

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